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About Upiko
We live to shop and we love shopping online. And while the search engines can often point you in the right direction we know there are lots of really interesting shopping sites that cannot be easily found - and that is where comes in!

Our aim is to make shopping online as easy and as interesting as possible. We will search out all the best sites offering you the ability to shop and buy online in the UK. Many of the sites will be household names but we also aim to bring you the quirky, the eccentric and the downright bizarre! The sites that enable you to find and buy the products and services that other people cannot find!

We are going to cover all areas of your life from your home to your car, from how you dress to the presents you want to give - and receive!

New sites will be added daily so keep checking in and we are going to offer many features that will make shopping easier, cheaper and more fun.

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