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We want your bathroom videos! Send them via our You Tube account! Introducing a new style of bathroom video to help you choose the right style of furniture, accessories, fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. We are going to shoot some really cheesy, low quality videos but hopefully they will help you with your bathroom planning!

Video below is of a Fixed Crome Shower Head. We recommend getting a shower head with as large a hole as possible as hard water can slow the flow of water from the shower head.

The bathroom video above shows a mixer tap from a confined under stairs cloakroom. The sink and unit were bought at colourwash and have one of those flippy plug things. You may call this a designer bathroom tap or at least a posh version of a normal tap but it works well whcih is cool. Upiko You Tube account!

Upiko at You Tube ! This video is of Franke kitchen tap but it can also be used as bathroom mixer and it has a detachable nozzle which is good for spraying water everywhere! I will get better videos up soon but please do send me yours so we can give everyone ideas about how to fit out their bathroom. Upiko You Tube account!

Modern Bath Below Lovely example of a good price modern bath.

Trade Plumbing Supplies Below Lots of ideas for trade plumbing here.

Glass Sink
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Featured product

Shower Rose
This shower head is fixed and made of chrome and is 1900 mm across. So you should get a good flow from this. No roses were killed making this product. Added 27 April 09


Counter Top Basin
Save 140
This is a really neat bit of kit and is ideal for any counter top or bathroom unit. Added 17 April 09

Mono Basin Mixer
Save 60
Sleek and stylish, unlike our crappy videos, this is a mono basin tap mixer thingy. Using ceramic discs like they do on posh sports cars. Possibly. Added 5 April 09

Freestanding Roll Top Bath
Save 620
Have a bathroom like one of those fancy makeover programmes, but without going over your budget. This is so 2009, it is 2009 right? Added 17 March 09

£59 £116 £279

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