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Fantastic selection of regular baths, modern baths, shower baths, freestanding baths, designer baths, roll top baths and accessories. Contemporary and traditional bath styles.

Featured product

Small wee bath
Ideal for smaller bathrooms or if you are a delicate wee flower. And what about that price? 1600x700mm Added 23 March 2011


Keyhole Bath
Measuring 1700 x 800 and in lovely white. What a bath. Adds bath. Added 1 April 2011

Bath under 200, well under 150 actually
Ideal to replace a standard size bath. Which btw is only 5 foot 6. Seriously, its like we all have rickets or something. Updated 23 March 2011

Large Steel Bath
For those with more space or more to wash this is a made of steel so will last and last and last. Added 23 March 2011

  £137 £199

Nice 'n Cheap Steel Bath
Not only that it comes with chrome grips for gripping onto. That is so cool, what a mad world we live in. Updated 23 March 2011


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